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74 TR6

A personal blog about an owner's Triumph.

1974 TR6 Mimosa & Chestnut. Original owner since new in 1974, with a few minor modifications along the way.
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A-1 EuroAuto

Specializing in Mercedes-Benz service.

742 Sheridan St.
Honolulu HI 96814
(808) 946-9885
(808) 946-1198
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Aloha Mustang and Shelby Club of Hawaii

A number of early Ford Mustang owners on O'ahu, who were providing their cars for parades, got together socially in the mid-70s to start a Mustang car club. In 1979, the Aloha Mustang & Shelby Club of Hawaii was chartered. Since then, the club has been involved with numerous activities for its members and has supported a variety of charities.
The Aloha Mustang and Shelby Club of Hawaii (AMSCH) recognizes all Ford Mustangs from April 1964 to the present and the 1965 to 1970 Shelby Mustangs built by Shelby American, Inc. We also recognize the 2006 and newer Shelby Mustangs built by Ford, and any other specialty vehicle based on the Ford Mustang (e.g. Saleen, Rousch, etc.).
The club arranges or participates in a number of events all year long, including regular monthly meetings, nationally recognized car shows, banquets, cruises, charity events, picnics and more!
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Apple Hydraulics, Inc.

We are the highest quality rebuilder of lever shocks and classic car parts in the industry. We do all of our work under one roof here in New York, and we care deeply about quality.

We have been re-building shocks, carbs, brakes, and a bunch of other parts for vintage and classic vehicles since 1973. There are 4 of us in the back shop getting our hands dirty (you may have spoken to one of us if the phone lines got busy) and Lazar is up in the office (you most likely spoke with him if you called). We are passionate about cars and we take pride in our work. Quality is our number one priority. We use only the best materials for the job. We aim to make our re-built units better built to last than the originals. We offer a Lifetime Warranty and we stand by it.

Get in touch with us and let's talk cars! We want to help make your car ride smoother, run better, and stop on a dime!
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Audi Group of Hawaii

Official page of Audi Group of Hawaii.

Audi Group of Hawaii web site
Auto Concierge Hawaii

Conveniently located in the Ala Moana Center 1450 Ala Moana Blvd, our detailing studio uses the latest technology in auto detailing tools and supplies capable to perform the best possible auto detail in Hawaii.

We offer packages from maintenance details to full paint correction and nano ceramic coatings lasting 80+hours to make sure no defect is left behind.

Our crew members are skilled and fully equipped with equipment and supplies needed to deliver the best results. Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient auto detail experience possible.

Ala Moana Center
Mall Level - Near the Neiman Marcus Valet

Monday - Saturday: 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday: Closed

Automobile-Catalog is a project with the purpose to gather in one place and publish possibly complete information on specifications, technical data and history of all cars manufactured from 1945. A great majority of data is taken from off-line sources.

The idea was born from automotive enthusiasm, but with very practical dimensions. The project was launched on-line in 2009-2010. Automobile-Catalog is visited by more than half a million users monthly, six million visitors per year – showing that the data presented are needed and appreciated.

There is one special parameter: The answer to the question everyone asks during each discussion about any car – how fast is it? The acceleration, the quarter-mile time, top speed… how to find it out in cases with cars long ago out of production; the cars nobody ever properly tested?

This is a task for Autombile-Catalog's ProfessCars™ simulation software. The results of calculations in most cases are extremely accurate. The software was tested and calibrated on hundreds of real-life car tests and comparisons.

The project was founded and from the beginning funded only by Pawel Zal, with his private money and time. It took two years of dedicated work done in his spare time, before he felt that the database was good enough to be published in 2009.

Over 10 years of experience specializing in Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar motorcars. Company formerly owned by Frederick Raza and now by Jeff LaChance.

B & J also repairs other automobiles.

Shop located in Kakaako. Open for business Monday through Friday.

807 Kawaiahao St
Honolulu HI 96813

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The Mercedes-Benz Owner's Community

This is probably the most active web site for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. Lots of discussion about all models. Interesting personalities can be found in the forums.
British Auto Works

British Auto Works has been working on and selling parts for British cars for over 20 years now.  At British Auto Works we only work on British cars and only sell parts for the British cars.  British Auto Works is the largest parts house and repair facility in the Portland, Oregon metro area and one of the largest on the west coast.