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Apple Hydraulics, Inc.
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We are the highest quality rebuilder of lever shocks and classic car parts in the industry. We do all of our work under one roof here in New York, and we care deeply about quality.

We have been re-building shocks, carbs, brakes, and a bunch of other parts for vintage and classic vehicles since 1973. There are 4 of us in the back shop getting our hands dirty (you may have spoken to one of us if the phone lines got busy) and Lazar is up in the office (you most likely spoke with him if you called). We are passionate about cars and we take pride in our work. Quality is our number one priority. We use only the best materials for the job. We aim to make our re-built units better built to last than the originals. We offer a Lifetime Warranty and we stand by it.

Get in touch with us and let’s talk cars! We want to help make your car ride smoother, run better, and stop on a dime!

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Business Phone Number: (631)369-9515
Business Fax: (631)369-9516
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British Auto Works
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British Auto Works has been working on and selling parts for British cars for over 20 years now.  At British Auto Works we only work on British cars and only sell parts for the British cars.  British Auto Works is the largest parts house and repair facility in the Portland, Oregon metro area and one of the largest on the west coast.

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Business Phone Number: 503-647-0435
Business Fax: 503-647-0438
Bud’s Benz
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Bud’s Benz is a complete service facility for your Mercedes Benz. We have a brand new online parts department that provides new and used Mercedes-Benz Parts to all of the 50 states and many international countries.

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Business Phone Number: 800-942-8444
Business Fax: 770.942.8400
Clark & Clark Specialty Products, Inc.
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Clark & Clark Specialty Products, Inc. was founded in 1989 with the introduction of our first product: the polyethylene Battery Bin for MGB. We now manufacture approximately 200 products, most of which are in the automotive field. We are located in Michigan.

We specialize in:

Creative product ideas.
Good, simple design.
Short-run manufacturing (100-5000 pieces annual volume).

We work with most any materials and most any manufacturing methods.

We specialize in lesser-known and proprietary manufacturing methods which allow us to bring low-volume products to market that may not otherwise be financially feasible.

We manufacture primarily in the US, with some items made in Canada and the Far East.

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Business Phone Number: 616-396-4157
Little British Car Co, Ltd.
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Little British Car Company, Ltd. is a supplier of quality classic British (and other) car parts and accessories. We always strive to have excellent customer service with a “Personal Touch” and quality classic car parts and accessories always at a “substantially lower” price.

Authorized Distributor for:

• Pertronix Electric Ignitions and Coils
• Vintage Ads
• Don Hoods
• Moto-Lita Steering Wheels
• Gunson Tools
• Moss Motors
• Halogen Bulbs

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Business Phone Number: (800)637 9640
Business Fax: (248)419 2461
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Moss Motors
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Since its start in 1948, and still today, Moss Motors is a company run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Our customers drive and maintain vehicles that reflect golden days of British motoring and sports cars, and many of these dedicated individuals have been our customers for decades.

Moss Motors’ commitment to our customers and their cars runs deep. We make substantial investments into quality and support for the parts we provide. We are the most trusted name in classic British car parts not because we are the biggest; rather, it is due to the knowledge and character of our staff, Salespeople and Technical Support team. These women and men, many of whom have been at Moss for over 20 years, are indeed the best in the business.

At Moss we work to provide you with the best parts and service at competitive prices. When you partner with Moss for the restoration or upkeep of your vehicle, you are assured of reliable, accurate and helpful assistance every step of the way. Moss Motors is headquartered in beautiful Goleta, California and hosts a warehouse and sales staff in Petersburg, Virginia, too. Both locations welcome visitors—we love to meet our customers in person!—and we invite British car clubs to schedule tours of our facilities as well.

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Business Phone Number: 800-667-7872
Business Fax: 805-692-2525
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Nisonger Instruments
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Nobody knows more about Smiths and British Jaeger Automotive, motorcycle and vintage racing gauges and instruments than Nisonger Instruments!

Their “factory trained” technicians can rebuild virtually any Post World War II Smiths & British Jaeger instruments to function as new. Rebuilds are calibrated to OEM specifications using original Smiths factory calibration equipment and are guaranteed for one year. Nisonger also stocks a limited and ever-changing inventory of NOS and rebuilt original Smiths & British Jaeger Instruments for sale on an outright basis.

Additional Services:

Convert Smiths and British Jaeger Instruments From Positive to Negative Ground.
Convert many Smiths and British Jaeger Electric Tachometers For Use With Electronic Ignitions.
Custom Calibrate Smiths and British Jaeger Speedometers as Required For Tire, Trans. and/or Gearing Changes
Convert selective clocks to utilize modern day quartz movement.


As the Smiths U.S. Distributor, Nisonger is also the source for Smiths:

427 Cobra OEM Gauges
New 427 Cobra Electronic Programmable Speedometers
427 Cobra Electrical Gauges
Smiths Classic Range of Gauges
Smiths replacement pressure, temp and fuel tank senders, voltage stabilizers


Nisonger also stocks a comprehensive range of Smiths Replacement Parts including replacement glass, bezels, instrument gaskets, speedometer cables, oil lines and more.

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Business Phone Number: 914-381-3600
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Parts supplier for Triumph Spitfire and GT6.

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Business Phone Number: 800-201-0494
Business Fax: 916-645-9311
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Spitfire Graveyard
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Specialists in Triumph cars and parts

Spitfire Graveyard is an excellent source for used parts for Triumph cars.

They are located in South Yorkshire, England.

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Business Phone Number: 0114 3272521
Spitfire Options
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The goal of Spitfire Options is to provide you with a source of unique and useful items you won’t find among the standard OEM parts available.

We at Spitfire Options have designed and tested numerous custom options that will make your Spitfire or GT6 that much more enjoyable and personalized.  Over the past two years we have rigorously worked to perfect our designs to ensure the highest quality and durability possible at a reasonable cost, to modify your spit’s features without overdoing it.

These items will personalize your Spitfire or GT6 to today’s standard.  We have worked hard to design items that help eliminate any wasted space in these cars, items that can be fully utilized without over doing it.

Just because these cars are 20 years old, doesn’t mean they have to look that way.  Each item is tested to ensure that you the driver can add these options without any expensive tools, using the simple yet detailed instructions we provide.  If it isn’t easy for all of us to install it, then were not going to make it.  Most of these options are non-permanent, which means they are easily removable without leaving any marks, holes, or other permanent scars on your car.

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