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Parts supplier for Triumph Spitfire and GT6.

Business Website Address: http://www.spitbits.com/
Business Phone Number: 800-201-0494
Business Fax: 916-645-9311
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Spitfire Graveyard
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Specialists in Triumph cars and parts

Spitfire Graveyard is an excellent source for used parts for Triumph cars.

They are located in South Yorkshire, England.

Business Website Address: http://spitfiregraveyard.com/
Business Phone Number: 0114 3272521
Spitfire Options
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The goal of Spitfire Options is to provide you with a source of unique and useful items you won’t find among the standard OEM parts available.

We at Spitfire Options have designed and tested numerous custom options that will make your Spitfire or GT6 that much more enjoyable and personalized.  Over the past two years we have rigorously worked to perfect our designs to ensure the highest quality and durability possible at a reasonable cost, to modify your spit’s features without overdoing it.

These items will personalize your Spitfire or GT6 to today’s standard.  We have worked hard to design items that help eliminate any wasted space in these cars, items that can be fully utilized without over doing it.

Just because these cars are 20 years old, doesn’t mean they have to look that way.  Each item is tested to ensure that you the driver can add these options without any expensive tools, using the simple yet detailed instructions we provide.  If it isn’t easy for all of us to install it, then were not going to make it.  Most of these options are non-permanent, which means they are easily removable without leaving any marks, holes, or other permanent scars on your car.

Business Website Address: https://spitfireoptions.wordpress.com/
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